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13th June 2024 | Whitepapers

Hedge Fund Management Insight Report Q2 2024

Acuiti today publishes the Q2 2024 Hedge Fund Management Insight Report.

This report is based on a survey of the Acuiti Hedge Fund Expert Network, a group of senior, derivatives focused hedge funds from across the global market. Each quarter, members of the network suggest topics and answer questions, which are then aggregated and published in a report.

In this quarter’s report:

  • What are the hedge funds’ hiring plans?
  • How have the challenges to growth changed compared to last year, and what remains a significant obstacle?
  • Do SMAs provide value for money?
  • What is the sentiment on round the clock equities and derivatives trading on NYSE?
  • Who will take the Euro short-term rate (€STR) crown?

Download the full report below.

This report is available to asset managers, proprietary trading firms, hedge funds, banks, FCMs and brokers. For all other company types, contact Hanna De Bank for information on subscriptions.