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17th October 2023 | Whitepapers

Trade Surveillance Market Review

Acuiti today publishes Trade Surveillance Market Review: Rising Alerts, Rising ComplexityThis report was commissioned by Eventus and is based on a survey and series of interviews of 64 senior trade surveillance and compliance executives across a diverse range of global firms.

In this year’s review, Acuiti investigated where senior executives are facing the biggest challenges amid a rise in trading volumes alongside increasing market complexity. 

Some of the key findings of the report included:

  • The past five years have seen a notable rise in alerts, a trend that most respondents expect to continue over the next five years for price manipulation, market disruption, and other alert types
  • Finding skilled staff remains a critical challenge for many respondents and is becoming a persistent drag for the trade surveillance sector
  • The number of false positives that trade surveillance executives deal with is increasing alongside the rise in alerts, with most teams spending time analysing alerts that were eventually discarded
  • Order book manipulation is emerging as a major challenge to detect, with the highest reported percentage of false positives and the alert type that takes the longest to investigate
  • Despite the need for greater automation, firms are still struggling to implement effective solutions and say that software flexibility was the most challenging feature to improve
  • The majority of respondents were either considering or had advanced plans to upgrade or change their trade surveillance systems in the next 12 to 18 months

Download full report here.